Prerequisite Steps:
1. Added a budget (How do I add a Budget in Smart Aid?)
2. Ran the budget (How do I run my budgets in Smart Aid?)

Steps to Finalize a budget:
1. Hover your mouse-cursor over "Budgets" in the gray Navigation Banner and click "Manage Budgets."
2. Click the budget's name in blue font, in the left-most column, for the budget you are ready to mark as Finalized.
3. Review the award amounts for each student and confirm that no further changes are needed.
4. Scroll to the top of the web page, and click the red "Finalize Budget" button.  You're now able to create Award Letters and send the award amounts to Smart Tuition using "Send to Smart."
5. If any changes are needed after finalizing a budget, click the yellow "Un-Finalize Button" button that replaced the red "Finalize Budget" button.  This will allow you to edit the award amounts as needed, but please note that if Award Letters have already been sent using this budget or the award amounts have been Sent to Smart, you're unable to use these two tools for any updated amounts within this budget.