Prerequisite Steps:
1. Added a budget (How do I add a Budget in Smart Aid?)
2. Mapped the budget (What is "Budget Mapping" in Smart Aid?)
3. "Ran" the budget (How do I run my budgets in Smart Aid?)
4. Finalized the Budget (What does it mean to "Finalize" my Smart Aid Budget?)
5. Confirm that the students whose awards will be sent over are marked Active and are Currently Enrolled in your school's Smart Tuition account.

"Send to Smart" Steps:
1. Hover your mouse-cursor over "Budgets" in the gray Navigation Bar, and click "Manage Budgets."
2. Click the name of the budget in the blue font, in the "Budget Name" column.
3. Click the green "Send to Smart" button in the upper-right corner of the page.
4. After the data has been transmitted to Smart Tuition, you'll receive a pop-up box notifying you of the results. 
Note: There are corresponding green buttons to export a spreadsheet of the students' data that was sent successfully, as well as another to export a spreadsheet of the students' data that was not sent due to an error.  Please refer to the "Error List" as to why the data was not able to send. 

If any adjustments are needed after the budget data was Sent to Smart, please be advised that this must be done manually on the Smart Tuition portal.