You can remove any billing and delete, or deactivate, an account that was created in error or if the family will not be attending your school.

If no payments have been applied to the account, you will need to zero out the billing:
  1. Navigate to the family's account in the appropriate school year 
  2. Hover over the blue box on the left of the page and select Edit Billing Details
  3. Click on the large Zero Out Account button on the far right zero
  4. Enter a reason, then click Save Changes
If a payment was applied to the account and the family is not due a refund, you can still follow the steps above. The billing items that the payment was allocated towards will remain on the account. All other billing will be zeroed out.

You should not deactivate an account with a payment applied, since you may need to access the payment information. You should mark the student Withdrew.
To deactivate an account:
1.  Go to the Family's main landing page
2.  Hover over the blue tab on the left side
3.  Go to More Options > Update Parent & Student Info
4.  Click Deactivate Family 
5.  Click Yes
6.  Enter reason in required highlighted red field.
7.  Select withdraw student OR cancel enrollment
8.  If date needs to be changed, select the box and change to applicable date.
9.  Click proceed with deactivation