Q1.  What is Blackbaud ID?
A1.  Blackbaud ID is identity management used by all Blackbaud solutions. When a user creates their profile, they gain access to multiple Blackbaud solutions, such as Blackbaud.com, Raiser's Edge NXT, Financial Edge NXT and the Community, with the security of multi-factor authentication, such as text messages and mobile authenticators.   For more information about Blackbaud ID refer to our help documentation.

Q2.  How do I create a Blackbaud ID?
A2.  If you do not already have a Blackbaud ID you can create a new one here.  If you are experiencing issues refer to Blackbaud.com Login Help for assistance. 

Q3.  Do I need a Blackbaud ID to review Knowledgebase articles, complete training,access my account information, etc.? 
A3.  You do not need a Blackbaud ID to review KnowledgeBase articles or the Hosting status page on the Blackbaud website.  However, you will need a Blackbaud ID to log into to the Community, complete training, access account information or access your blackbaud products.  

Q4.  If I forget to sign out of my Blackbaud ID what will happen?
A4.  For security purpose any user who is inactive for 90 minutes will be automatically signed out of their Blackbaud ID. 

Q5.  What is two-factor authentication (2fa) for my Blackbaud ID?
A5.  Two-factor authentication allows for additional security surrounding accessing your Blackbaud ID.  If you use this feature you will be required to enter a  unique verification code before you access your products.  Two-factor authentication can be turned on or off by following the instructions in our product help files.

Q6.  Will two-factor authentication still work if I am using my mobile device to sign into my blackbaud products?
A6.  Yes, two-factor authentication for your Blackbaud ID will work on any supported device or browser.  Review our troubleshooting guide if you are experiencing an issue signing into your blackbaud product using two-factor authentication.

Q7.  Can I associate multiple user names in my product with one single Blackbaud ID?
A7.  Blackbaud ID is unique to each person as it is based the user's email address.  Each user would need its own Blackbaud ID.  This increases security and decreases shared user names.

Q8. As an Admin, can I enforce two-factor authentication for all my users at once? 
A8. Not currently. For more information, see Can I Require Users to Use Two-Factor Authentication?