Donor Central Import Suggestions Window is Blank for On Premise Customers Using DonorCentral V2 and V4 with Progress 10 after TLS 1.0 Deprecation Part I

After TLS 1.0 was deprecated on Tuesday night, the Import Suggestions window is blank, no new suggestions are importing.
This issue is due to Progress 10 not being fully TLS compliant. In order to resolve this issue, you will need to upgrade to Progress 11.6.4. In the mean-time, until the Progress upgrade is completed, you can use the following work around:

NOTE: Before implementing these fixes, you need to be on FIMS 14.61, if you are not, then you will need to upgrade.
You will need two files to fix this issue, only one is copied to the article due to limitations of the number of attachments that can be added to Knowledge Base. See KB 119480 for the other file.
  1. Copy the attached eadvisor.i file into found\fims\custom\gui\eadvisor folder
NOTE: After you upgrade to Progress 11, you will need to delete the 'edadvisor.i' file located in found\fims\custom\gui\eadvisor as was implemented in the fix outlined in this article. Do not remove the 'eadvisor.i' from found\fims\custom\gui\eadvisor until you upgrade to Progress 11. Do not remove the "c90bc37d.0' file from the dlc\certs folder, that file needs to stay in place even after upgrading to Progress 11. After removing the 'eadvisor.i' file, you will need to re-compile the FIMS database by going to Tools\System Utilities\Admin Utilities\FIMS Compiler, then click Compile.

See the following:
  1. You will most likely have to create the gui and the eadvisor folders in found\fims\custom
  2. If you already had an eadvisor folder in found\fims\custom\gui and if there is already a file there with that name, re-name the old one first before coming over the new one.
  3. Copy the attached c90bc37d.0 to the dlc\certs folder. (See the following article for this file: Note: If you use a terminal server or remote desktop server that has its own Progress installation, you will also need to copy the certificate to the dlc\certs folder on that server as well.
  4. Go to FIMS | Tools | System Utilities | Admin Utilities | FIMS Compiler.
    1. Select Files on radio set and type in eadvisor into the Path and filename to compile. In the Path and Filename field make sure you are typing in eadvisor just like shown in the blue circle. You are not typing in a full path there.
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Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the Grant module
2. Click the symbol with a small heart with an E in it
3. In the window that appears note that it is blank even though there are suggestions in Donor Central that need to be sent to FIMS



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