System Administrators can add new imported applicant or administrator fields to the General Application question library, and then from the library to the General Application.

Adding a New Imported Field For Applicants in Your Question Library
Imported fields added to the Applicant tab will be visible to applicants from their portal. If you would like to hide a field from the applicant, it should be placed on the administrator tab, which is explained in the next section of this article.
  1. Select Opportunity>General Applications>Questions>Import Data.

2. You will then be presented with the existing imported fields. (Note: by default, you will initially see fields made visible to applicants. If this field is hidden from applicants, it may be necessary to click on the "Administrator" tab to locate the field.
3. To add a new imported field that you would like the applicant to be able to view, click "Add Applicant Question". This will take you to the imported question library. You may choose to add an existing question, or create a new question. To create a new field, enter the field name in the "applicant question label box" and click "Single Question".


4. You will then see the screen that allows you to configure the field. You will be asked to address the following items:
Import Header: This dropdown contains a list of all available headings from the import file that have not yet been mapped to a system field. Select the appropriate heading for the field you are creating. If the heading that your looking for is not there, it may already be mapped in to the system.  
Question Type: This translates to the type of data contained on the import file. It is recommended that you avoid using short answer or essay.
Tip: If the data is a finite list of choices, it is best to use single-select or multi-select.  
Reviewable: If you would like reviewers to be able to view this question and the associated answer when evaluating applications, you should mark "Reviewable". (If left unmarked, this question and answer will be hidden from all reviewer users.)

When you are finished creating your question, click "Save Question."
The screen will refresh and take you back to the question creation screen.


Adding a New Imported Field For Administrators in Your Question Library
The steps to create an imported administrator field are identical to adding an applicant question, except for the ability to make an administrator question restricted so that administrators in a particular role are not able to see the answers to those questions. Even if an administrator cannot see the answers to a restricted question, they will still be able to use that question as a qualification. Be sure that you are adding the field on the administrator tab of the imported data page.
NOTE: Imported Fields added to the Administrator tab will NOT be visible to applicants.


In order to make an administrator question restricted, mark "Restricted".  Please note that all client-defined roles, such as the existing Opportunity Administrator role will default to NOT have access to see answers to restricted questions. (If you would like any of the Client-Defined Roles to have access to these answers, you must manually make that change on the role configurations at Site>Configurations>Roles.)

Adding Your New Imported Field from the Library to the General Application
After you create a new imported field in the system system, you will see the question listed in the Existing Questions library on the question creation screen. To add your new field out of the library and onto the General Application:

1. Click the plus button to the right of your question.  

2. Click Close or click anywhere in the dark border to close the question creation window.

3. This will take you back to the General Application's Questions page. You will find your new question at the bottom of the General Application. You can move this field to be displayed in a different location by clicking the three bars to the left of the Label and dragging and dropping it in the location you would like.  

4. Click "Update Questions" to save the question to the General Application. 

5. Contact Customer Support to push this data to existing General Applications, and provide the name of the new field you have added. (Otherwise you will not be able to view this data on existing General Applications saved or submitted to your system.)