Auto-Match Application Changes

This feature will bring a different configuration of Auto-Match Opportunity End Dates. While the Opportunity Start Date will continue to be the day the opportunity begins to match applicants to the opportunity, the Public End Date will now be the "deadline" that is published to applicants and is not used in the matching process at all, but the Internal End Date will be the day that applications will cease to match applicants to the opportunity. Please note that if there is no Internal End Date, the opportunity will continue to match applications until it is archived.


The applications within the Auto-Match opportunities will also change. When the applications first match to the opportunity, it is simply a displayed copy of the general and/or conditional application, and not an individual application for the opportunity. These applications are indicated by the ID number appearing as a faded grey number that is the same number as the general or conditional application.

This feature will allow applicants that are no longer qualified for the opportunity to be removed from the grid, as long as no action has been taken that creates an actualized application within the opportunity. Once the Internal End Date has passed, all of the applications being displayed were qualified on that date and if an applicant becomes unqualified based on imported data, the application will remain but the qualification points will be displayed as 0. But, if the qualifications are updated after the Internal End Date, only qualified applications AS OF the Internal End Date will be displayed in the opportunity, meaning some of the previously qualified applications being displayed will be removed and new applications may appear.

Dates can also affect things that are displayed within the opportunities. What are the differences in the opportunity's public end date and internal end date? 

In order to "actualize" the applications, and force them to remain in the opportunity even if they become  unqualified, one of the following actions must be taken:

  • An application is moved in to a category other than submitted or drafted
  • An Application is manually applied, or force applied, in to the opportunity
  • An application is assigned to be reviewed at the opportunity level
  • An administrator has answered an administrator question on the opportunity

Once one of the above actions has been taken on any of the applications, and an application is "actualized", a unique opportunity application ID number will populate the grid and will be bold in appearance.  These applications will no longer be removed from the grid if they become unqualified at any time.


Grid Changes

Another change that goes along with this feature is the removal of the "Applied On" date column in the Auto-Match applications grid, and the Reviewer Chair applications grid for Auto-Match opportunities. We will also be changing the "Applied On" date to the "Season" on the User's Applications with Unencumbered Offers section.