Accessing Archived General Applications

Once your system undergoes cycle management, the previous cycle's General Applications will be moved to the archived area of the system. To access previous cycle General Applications:

  • Select Opportunity > General Applications > Applications.
  • In the upper left corner, select "Current" which designates the current application cycle, and the appropriate cycle in the list.
  • When the page reloads, you will be presented with a General Applications grid filled with General Applications from the designated cycle. All General Applications will be in the same category they were in at the moment of archival (Drafted or Submitted). You may filter and generate custom reports as usual. (Archived General Applications can be force-applied to any open or closed opportunities, but they cannot be force applied into any archived opportunities.

Accessing Archived Automatically Matching, Apply-to, and Renewal Applications and Opportunities

Once your system undergoes cycle management, the previous cycle's opportunities and applications will be archived. To access the previous cycle's Auto-match, Apply-to, and Renewal opportunities and applications:

  • Locate the desired opportunity's portfolio by selecting Opportunity > Portfolios > All. Click into "Portfolio Details" to open the portfolio.
  • Once inside the portfolio, select the Opportunities tab to open up a list of all past, present, and future (created) opportunities. 
  • Once on the Portfolio's Opportunities tab, select the desired archived opportunity.
  • Once the opportunity is open, select the Applications tab.
  • The opportunity's Applications tab displays a list of all applications generated for that opportunity. The applications will appear at their final categories, such as Submitted, Accepted, or Declined. You may filter applications or create custom reports normally, but you may not change the applications' categories, generate new award offers, or create ad-hoc emails.