To access your Blackbaud Giving or Blackbaud Volunteering site, you must navigate to, where xxxxx is your Client ID. 

Your Client ID may be the full name of your organization, your organization's nickname, or the initials of your organization.

Your organization may have also established a unique URL for your Giving and/or Volunteering site. Additionally, your site may use Single Sign-On, in which case you would navigate to your Giving and/or Volunteering sites through your company's intranet.

To confirm how this is set up, you will need to reach out internally to your Blackbaud Giving/Volunteering Site Managers so that they may provide you this information. We would strongly suggest taking this step first.

If your Site Managers are completely unreachable, you may also contact Blackbaud Customer Support and we will do our best to provide you with your URL.