[8/1/2019: Please review the latest version of our Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY View FAQ for the latest updates on the status of SKY View.]

There are two conditions to be met before you can log into Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY View:

  • You must have an existing Blackbaud Grantmaking account
  • You must have received an invitation to SKY View from your Site Manager
  • If you did not receive an invite, please reach out to your foundation's Site Manager and request the invitation

Once these conditions are met, please take these steps to log into your account:

1. Click the 'Accept Invitation' link in your invitation email

[NOTE: If you did not receive your invitation email after your Site Manager confirmed that they sent it, please follow the steps here to resolve]

2. You will be directed to https://signin.blackbaud.com > Enter your Blackbaud ID login credentials

[NOTE: If you do not have an existing Blackbaud ID, please follow the steps here to create one]

3. Once logged in, you will be directed to https://app.blackbaud.com/grantmaking
4. You will receive a prompt to enter the following:

  • Grantmaking Classic View User ID *
  • Grantmaking Classic View Password *
[NOTE: If you are unaware of your Grantmaking User ID and/or Password, please contact your Site Manager for this information]

5. Enter the credentials you use to log into your standard Blackbaud Grantmaking account > Click 'Link accounts'

[NOTE: This step must be taken carefully as this process connects your Blackbaud ID to your Grantmaking User ID]

6. Once the linking process completes, the Grantmaking SKY View screen loads your dashboard

Once these steps are complete and you wish to log back in at any point after, navigate to https://app.blackbaud.com/grantmaking and enter your Blackbaud ID login credentials.