A Conditional Application is used by many institutions to target a specific group of applicants as a follow-up or additional step beyond the General Application. It is an additional application that can have its own details, questions, qualifications, start and end dates, reviews, and assigned scopes. 

For example, if you have a specific college that might need to have its own application and set of questions in order to target qualified applicants that would not be addressed solely by the General Application, for example a College of Business or Engineering, and you want these applicants to have to complete this step before they are matched to or recommended to those targeted opportunities, a Conditional Application may be a good fit.


Tips before getting started:

  • Confirm with your account team or with Customer Support how many conditional applications you have available to use, or purchase more.
  • Discuss with your team when you intend to open the new Conditional Application, ideally around cycle management
  • Determine what will drive the applicants from the General Application to the Conditional Application -- will it be Imported data, current questions on the General Application, or will you need to add a new required question to the General Application in order to properly funnel those applicants. 
  • Consider what qualification groups will be necessary to funnel the appropriate applicants.
  • Decide on what scope(s) will be associated to the new conditional application.
  • Request from Customer Support a report showing the questions currently in use throughout your system.
  • Because the process to create a conditional application is similar to the General Application and Opportunities, read further to make sure you understand those processes:

How do I create a new conditional application?

  • Select Opportunity > General Applications > Conditional > Create New.

The Details Tab

  • Enter a Name for the application.
  • Add Scope(s).
  • Enter Custom Text as needed.
  • Enter Start and/or End dates as needed.
  • Enter Review Period start and/or end dates as needed.
  • Enter the Opportunity Reviewer Note as needed.
  • Click Create Opportunity.

The Questions Tab

The Qualifications Tab

The Applications Tab

  • This grid will show all conditional applications. Similar to the applications tabs within the General Application or opportunities, you will see application information and imported data, category of the application, reviewer scores, qualification points, and awarding information.

The Reviews Tab

The Associated Opportunities Tab