In an effort to make Cycle Management more streamline and scalable, we’ve updated the method in which we collect Cycle Management information as of January 2019. Rest assured, the technical components to Cycle Management have not changed.

Here are the steps that are required to perform Cycle Management: 

  1. Call or create a new case with the Blackbaud Support Team stating that you wish to perform Cycle Management. We strongly encourage you to review the What is Cycle Management? article prior to your request.
  2. The Support Team will transfer the newly created case over to the Cycle Management Team.
  3. A representative from the Cycle Management team will perform a critical assessment on your system. In the assessment, we will be looking for potential blockers that may prevent you from performing Cycle Management. We will reach out to you within 3 business days with items that need to be addressed.  We will also provide you with the link to complete the Cycle Management Questionnaire.
  4. Please address the critical assessment items (if necessary) and then complete the Cycle Management Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is 5 pages and takes about 20 minutes to complete. (Here's a video to help walk you through the questionnaire:
    Within the questionnaire you will indicate what you want cloned and/or archived, as well as a date you want your Cycle Management to be scheduled.
    Please note: We perform cycle managements on business days and require a 3-day lead time. Additionally, we do have a daily cap on the number of cycle managements we can perform. If we reach our daily limit, that date will be blacked out.
  5. After you complete your Cycle Management Questionnaire, we will review your responses and schedule your Cycle Management.
  6. On your scheduled Cycle Management date, we will perform Cycle Management per your specifications and email you once it’s complete. We recommend you refrain from making changes in your Award Management system until after you have heard from the Cycle Management Team.