We encourage customers to chat * with support for help with software questions and issues: click Chat With Us from the Support Portal.
Additionally, our online case portal (Case Central) allows you to review closed tickets, or log notes and attachments in open cases you’re still working on.
Depending on your Support access, you can contact Customer Support via Phone (see below) or Case Central.

*Note: Chat is not currently available for Blackbaud CRM. Contact Customer Support via Case Central

Phone Support:
Beginning April 15th 2019, our phone menu has changed.  

  1. Call the appropriate number below and press 1 for Support:

Australia: +61.28918.1200, press 1 for Support.

Freecall Australia: 1800.688.910

Hong Kong: +852.8191.1160

Singapore: 800.616.2205

Freecall New Zealand: 0800 444 712 
  1. You will be prompted to:
  • Enter your existing case number (if you have one) followed by # 
  • Enter your site ID (found on your invoice, statement, and in your Blackbaud.com  profile) followed by #
Note: If you do not know either number, press #.
  1. Select the appropriate sub-menu to reach the Support team

For support on Fundraising and CRM solutions, press 1

  • For support on Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT or Raiser’s Edge and Import O-Matic, press 1
  • For eTapestry, press 2
  • For Blackbaud CRM, press 3

 For Marketing and Online solutions, press 2

  • For support on Online Express, press 2
  • For NetCommunity, press 3
  • For Internet Solutions and Direct Marketing, press 4

 For Financial, Award and Grant Management solutions, press 3

  • For support on Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT or Financial Edge, press 1
  • For Blackbaud Grantmaking, formerly GIFTS Online, press 2 (redirect to 3rd party)
  • For Award Management or Stewardship Management, press 3

For other Blackbaud solutions, press 9

  • For support on Blackbaud Luminate Online and Team Raiser or Attentive.ly, press 1
  • For Education Edge, press 2