As you may be aware, Strong Customer Authentication which comes into effect on September 14, 2019 will change how your European supporters and constituents authenticate online donations. This regulation presents added complexity for organizations that save cards and charge them later for recurring gifts.

Blackbaud knows how important recurring gifts are for our clients and we’re committed to minimizing the impact of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).  So we are taking steps to protect your recurring gift revenue by running a £0 authorization for each card you have on record. This authorization will allow Blackbaud to request exemptions from SCA for future recurring gifts, helping you maximize your revenue.

What This Means for Your Supporters & Constituents:
  • In some cases, a £0 authorization from ‘Charity Auth Blackbaud’ issued from Charleston, South Carolina may temporarily be included in your supporter’s credit card statement.
  • No funds will be charged to your supporter’s credit card account as part of this authorization.
  • These authorizations typically remain on the account for 7 days, after which time it will be permanently removed.

What This Means for Your Organization:
  • Minimal to no reduction to your recurring gift transactions as a result of SCA regulations.
  • Your organization may receive calls from donors that are confused by the £0 authorization on their account statement.