The Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) has implemented additional security and consent measures for stored cards in order to comply with the Visa Stored Credential Framework. When using BBPS, Visa cards will have a $0.00 authorization performed on the card before storing the card information in BBPS to confirm the information entered is correct and authorized by the card holders issuing bank. 

With this update Visa credit cards are validated upon entry rather than after they have been processed. This error indicates that we were unable to validate the card information and the issuing bank has declined the authorization. Users that receive this error should verify the card information with the card holder based on the gateway result message What are the decline or rejection codes for BBMS? before reattempting to save.

For more information, please see our Visa Stored Credential Framework FAQ.
Note: ALL credit cards stored for BBMS clients processing in GBP/EUR are authorized upon entry to comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).