Note: Do not break your data refresh CSV files into smaller, multiple jobs. This does not improve performance and may actually delay processing.

If you have errors, you must resolve them in your data file(s) and then re-add your Job.

Once you successfully add the job, the process automatically validates the data files and delivers them to WhippleHill via FTP (a more secure method than e-mailing files). An automated process sends an e-mail to WhippleHill's Data Group notifying them of the new Job. An e-mail will be sent to the Job creator notifying you that WhippleHill has received the files and the data refresh request is in the queue for processing.

Data Refresh Jobs are processed on an First In/First Out basis.  You may return to the Job History to monitor the status of your Data Refresh Job.

  • In the Data Refresh screen, click Add Job next to the refresh type.
  • When the Add Job wizard opens, verify the Data Refresh type in the Import Type drop down list box is correct.
  • Enter an alpha-numeric Job Name
    • ​Note: The Job Name field does not support special characters.
  • Then, click the Browse button to search for your data refresh file(s), in CSV format, on your computer.
  • When finished, click on Save & Exit.
    • The column headers in a file do not exactly match the File Layout Help's list of column headers or if columns are missing.
    • The data file contains additional columns not listed in the File Layout Help.
    • The data file isn't in the .csv format.