If you use Read-Only Database Assistance (RODBA) in The Raiser's Edge 7, you'll see that there are many static table entries, such as receipt status and gift types. The only way to get translations of those gift types is to either construct an If Then Else statement to print them, or create an application that calculates it. However, if you work in Microsoft Access, another option is to use a table that stores those definitions, to attach to your queries. So instead of creating an immediate if statement in your SELECT statement to translate the 30 possible gift types in The Raiser's Edge 7, you can use the GiftTypes table we have provided for you here.

This download is a Microsoft Access database containing one table: GiftTypes. Import the GiftTypes table from this database. Then when you create an application, you can link the Gift.Type field to the GiftTypes.GiftTypesID field and print GiftTypes.Description.

Download theGift Types Definition Table named GiftTypes.zip. Download the ZIP file and unzip it to access the .MDB file.

Note: This database is only available for use with The Raiser's Edge 7 Read-Only Database Assistance (RODBA) product.