The Raiser's Edge VSE report helps you fill out sections of the VSE survey.

This report's setup is specific to how your educational institution tracks your campaigns, funds, appeals and constituent codes. It is important to have an accurate understanding of how you track these values at your organization. Also it is important to understand how you define constituency codes as being primary constituency codes and how your organization defines campaigns or funds as unrestricted, restricted, or capital.

Support cannot help you define what codes should be selected in areas of the report, nor can Support help define what Campaigns, Funds or Fund categories should be defined in other sections, since these settings all depend on how you define campaigns, funds, appeals and constituency codes at your organization.

Some areas of the report allow you to use a gift query. We generally recommend that you only define the gift query to filter on the gift date only for the same year you are defining in the report. That way no gifts are likely to be lost and thus the amounts listed on the report more accurate.

If you have to define a constituent query, you will have to include anyone that gave a gift within that year that you are reporting on.

If you feel that your totals are wrong, then walk through each section and verify that you have defined the items correctly following the VSE survey instructions and following your own definitions for codes and funds,etc. In general, avoid counting things twice towards the total by listing one item under multiple sections.