"Adding a new user in The Raiser's Edge" can encompass multiple processes, depending on whether you're referring to adding someone to The Raiser's Edge, RE NXT, Blackbaud Hosting, and/or Blackbaud.com.  

Follow the steps below to add a new Raiser's Edge user based on your needs:  
Adding a new user to The Raiser's Edge database
  1. Log in as Supervisor or a user with Supervisor rights. 
  2. In Administration, click Security, New User.
  3. In the User name field, enter the user's name. 
  4. If the user is a constituent, click the binoculars button in the Constituent name field. Browse to and select the user. You should set up this link when you want to display action reminders to solicitors who are also users of The Raiser's Edge. 
  5. In the Description field, enter a description to further identify the new user (optional). For example, you can enter a job title for each user, or if you use only first names as user names, you can enter the full name here. 
  6. In the Group Assignments frame, mark Supervisor rights to assign the user full access to the program. To limit access for the user, mark Selected group rights. The Member of and Not a member of boxes are enabled. Use the arrows to select group memberships for the user. 
  7. In the Password Options frame, enter the new user's Password. Re-enter the password in the Confirm field. Your entry in both fields must be identical.
    Note: In The Raiser's Edge Enterprise, you can set up users to log into The Raiser's Edge without a separate password by selecting Windows Authentication.
  8. Mark the "User can change Password" checkbox to allow a user to change his own password. Only users with Supervisor rights can change passwords for other users. 
  9. Mark the "User can change User Options" checkbox to allow the user to change various displays, screen appearances, and defaults throughout the program. 
  10. To specify User Options other than the defaults for this user, click Set This User's Options. The Options screen appears so you can establish User Options that will affect only this user. You can also copy user option settings from another user. 
  11. To save the new user, click Save and Close on the toolbar. You return to the Security page. 


Adding a new user to Blackbaud Hosting
  1. Add a new Blackbaud Hosting Services user.
  2. If your Raiser's Edge is hosted by Blackbaud, the user will also need to be added to The Raiser's Edge.
  3. To save a login step, consider using Windows Authentication in the hosted environment to "go right in" to the The Raiser's Edge.


Add a new user to Blackbaud.com

A Blackbaud.com account is required to access chat and other support resources and to be a site admin (reset/unlock hosting passwords). All Raiser's Edge NXT users must have a Blackbaud.com profile.  
How to add a new Raiser's Edge NXT / RENXT user If your organization resides in Microsoft Azure, please visit How to add a new user to Raiser's Edge NXT in Microsoft Azure.
For more information on security in The Raiser's Edge, review these resources: