The User Login part identifies who the user is within Blackbaud NetCommunity. To control the areas users can access on your website, create a User Login part. When a user logs in, the User Login part determines the roles that the user belongs to and the features that the user has security rights to access.

The part automatically includes sections for the login and logout pages. You can also design the part to include the following links:

  • Forgotten Password/Username: Used to generate an email to send to website users who forget password information
  • New User Registration: Used to generate an email to send to website users once they register personal information on your website

From the Design tab:

  • Assign users a constituent code when signing up
  • Select a page to navigate to after completing task
  • Select which additional fields will be displayed during registration process
  • Select which constituent attributes will display during the user registration process
  • Add the Consent part 
  • Assign Roles
Other tabs: Parts That Require User Login Information
Users must log in to view some parts on your website. The following parts require user name and password information before website users can access them:
  • Change User ID/Password
  • Chapter Links
  • Email Forwarding Form
  • My Friends
  • Profile Display
  • Profile Form
  • Targeted Content
  • Transaction Manager
  • User Education Profile Form
  • User Interests Form
  • User Link Module
  • User Networking Manager
  • User Photos Form