1. Open the report in Crystal Reports
  2. Open the Field Explorer
    • Crystal XI: Go to View > Field Explorer
    • Crystal 8.5: Go to Insert > Field Object
  3. In the Field Explorer, right-click on Formula Fields
  4. Click New
  5. Enter a name for the formula and click OK
  6. The formula workshop window will appear. Enter the formula you require.
  7. Click Check (X+2 button with a green checkmark) to identify any errors in the formula. You should receive a message box that states "No Errors Found." If you receive a different message it means there is an error. Go back through the steps, follow the pictures and try again before you continue.
  8. Once the formula contains no errors, click Save and Close to return to the Field Explorer dialog box
  9. Right-click on the new formula field and select Insert to Report
  10. Drag your mouse to the report and click where you want to drop the field
Note: A formula that is placed on a report is indicated by @ (for example, @GiftAmounts) on the Design tab.