Note: If upgrading to SQL Server 2005, after you install The Financial Edge, your database administrator must activate ad hoc remote querying before accessing School Store Manager. Attempting to use School Store Manager before activating ad hoc remote querying will cause an error message.

School Store Manager is automatically installed with Student Billing if the optional module has been purchased and is on your organization's product record. If the School Store Manager link does not appear in Configuration and it has been purchased, generate the unlock code online using the Unlock Code Generator.

  1. Open Student Billing, Configuration
  2. Click School Store Manager
  3. Click Add New Store
  4. Select the General tab
    • Store Code: Enter an alphanumeric code
      (up to 10 characters) that identifies this school store in Student Billing.
    • Store ID: The store ID is automatically entered when you complete the remaining information on the General tab and School Store Manager has connected with the Store Operations database.
    • Description: Enter a description to identify the store in Student Billing
    • Server name: select a server to connect to the database
    • Database name: Enter the name of the database exactly as it
      appears in Store Operations
      Note: For more information about locating the database name in Store Operations, review the online help file in Store Operations.
    • User name and Password: Enter the security information to log in to the database in Store Operations
    • Status: Select Active to activate store transactions or select
      Inactive to make store transactions inactive
  5. Select the Options tab:
    • Select either the Social Security No. or Student ID to be used as the Store Operations Account #
    • In the School name field, enter the name of the school for this store.
    • In the Charges applied to item field, select the billing fee to which
      charges are applied. Only flat rate billing items for the current year appear
      in the list.
    • In the Taxes applied to item field, select the tax fee you want applied to
      the charge.
      Note: Billing items and sales tax items are established through Configuration in Student Billing
    • In the Spare Field Mapping frame, select the Store Operations fields in
      the Map To column for each Student Billing field in the left column.
      Note: We strongly recommend you do not change spare field mappings after loading students.
  6. Click OK

For more information, refer to the School Store Manager Guide (PDF).