1. Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity using an account with supervisor rights.
  2. Click on Users & SecurityUsers.
  3. Search for the existing affected user:
    • Search using the first name, last name, login, role, and back office link (Raiser's Edge or Education Edge linkage). You can search using one field or a combination. (Tip: If you don't find a user using several fields, search broadly using just one field and/or parts of the name.)
    • Mark Deleted in the search filters to search among deleted users in case the affected user was deleted accidentally.
    • If the user cannot be located, then create a new user in Blackbaud NetCommunity.
  4. Locate the row of the user and click the pencil icon to Edit the record.
  5. If the user is presently linked to the wrong Raiser's Edge constituent, click the Break Link button.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the record and locate the Education Edge linking area. If the record is linked to any Education Edge record, click Break Link.
  7. Then click Save at the top to save changes on the User record. (Note: If the user is already showing as deleted beneath the Save button, skip ahead to step 10.)
  8. Back in list of users, locate the user and delete the record by clicking on the red X.
  9. Click OK at the prompt asking if you are sure. You are returned to the Users Gallery.
  10. Mark the Deleted checkbox next to the Search button and click Search. The user you just deleted will appear in the results.
  11. Click the pencil icon to edit the record.
  12. Click the Undelete and generate a signup transaction link 
  13. This will automatically send a sign-up transaction into The Raiser's Edge.
  14. Process the sign-up transaction in the NetCommunity plug-in in Raiser's Edge.
If the issue is unresolved or if the NetCommunity user was created directly in NetCommunity by going to: Users & Security > Users > New User, try the following steps to generate a new user sign up request:
  1. Navigate to your NetCommunity site as a public user.
  2. Register a new user on the User Login page.
  3. Process the sign-up transaction in the NetCommunity plug-in in Raiser's Edge.
Note: You can only link a NetCommunity account to an individual constituent record. If you need to link to an organization record we suggest to create an individual record as the organizational primary contact and then link to that record.

If you broke the link for the Education Edge user, add users into Blackbaud NetCommunity from The Education Edge using the Add Users Utility