ServiceTurnaround timeAverage Match Rate
AddressFinder (Raiser's Edge and BBCRM)1 business day2 - 3%
Canadian AddressFinder10 business days2 - 3%
AgeFinder3 business days25 - 40%
CongressionalDistrictFinder3 business days90 - 99%
CountyFinder3 business days90 - 99%
DeceasedRecordFinder3 business days.5 - 2%
Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ)5 business days2 - 3%
EmailFinder3 business weeks8 - 20%
EmployeeMatchFinder3 business weeks10 - 20%
GenderFinder3 business days90 - 95%
MatchFinder10 business days15 - 18%
PeopleFinder10 business days65 - 85%
PhoneFinder3 business days35 - 55%
Cell PhoneFinder3 business days15 - 20%
SocialMediaFinder10 business days95 - 100%
Non-Raiser's Edge Files7 business days or same
as RE Svc if longer
Same as RE Svc

PLEASE NOTE: The above match rates are the average match rate for each service.  Your results may vary above or below the average.

The turnaround time is within the time frame listed, you may receive the results more quickly, but there is no means to expedite the process.