• If the Admin is no longer with your organization, and a new one needs to be assigned, contact Customer Support  and provide the name, title, and email of the Contact at your Organization that can authorize adding the new Admin (Who at your Organization has the authority to approve the request, and make decisions about your Blackbaud Software; i.e. who you report to, or CEO, President, Director, etc.). We will then contact them for approval to ensure your organization's security. *NOTE: the individual being added must have logged into Blackbaud.com to create their Blackbaud ID, and Support will need that address in order to add the User.
Administrators can:
  • invite (add) a user to Blackbaud.com to create Blackbaud.com logins on behalf of the organization
  • Add and remove user roles, including the administrator role
  • Disable Blackbaud.com logins for users at the organization
  • Update an organization's address in Blackbaud’s records
  • Reset the organization’s Blackbaud Merchant Services, Blackbaud Payment Services, and Blackbaud Hosting Services passwords, if applicable
  • Download the supervisor password reset utility for the organization’s software, if applicable
  • Request and approve full backup copies of your database
Every Blackbaud client organization has at least one administrator who manages your organization’s information in our records. 

NOTE: We will only add one Admin (cannot approve multiple Users with one request) as after that User is made Admin, they can then invite any subsequent Users/Admins into the system.