Attributes add flexibility to your record keeping by giving you the ability to define and store special information about a wide variety of record types. You can identify a category for the attribute and then store an entry specific to that category. Make sure you do not confuse attributes with constituent codes.

For example, you can code constituents as Volunteers, Prospects, Alumni, or any other entry you need to demonstrate why someone is a constituent. Use attributes to define specialized information for your constituents. Attributes can be used to track information for which no field exists in The Raiser's Edge. For example, you can set up an Interests table for your constituents with entries such as Golf or Gardening to more accurately target your solicitations. Attributes are available on many screens and are specific by type. For example, attributes for a gift type are available only for gifts, not constituents or other records.

To create attributes and add them to records, refer to How to create a new attribute, create new tables for attributes, and add an attribute to a record in The Raiser's Edge (includes video demo).