To ensure there are no duplicate addresses, you have to run the update twice. The first time are steps 1-4 and you only update addresses with NCOA changes, The second time is to update ALL addresses but not saving the old addresses. 

  1. Click Update Data
  2. On the General Tab: mark Update Only Addresses with NCOA Address Changes and create an exception query
  3. On the Process Options Tab: Mark to create a control report, Add an Info source for In " Add the following to New Certified Addresses" Leave the Type Blank
  4. Check to save old addresses > Add a Type > The Same Info source from " Add the Following to New Certified Addresses" and Set the Send mail to this address as 'No'
  5. Select all other preferences on the Address Formatting Tab that you would like
  6. Click Update Data
  7. Once the update is complete click on Update Data again.
  8. Do Not Click anything on the General Tab
  9. User-added image
  10. ONLY set the info source on the second tab don't check anything else
  11. User-added image
  12. Check all the formatting changes you normally check on the Address Format Tab
  13. Click Update Data