Note: if you utilize BBMS see Merchant accounts missing in NetCommunity

For instructions on setting up a PayFlowPro merchant account please see How to set up a PayPal PayFlow Merchant account. For other types of merchant accounts, please follow the steps below.
  1. Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity
  2. Navigate to Administration>Merchant Accounts
  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit an existing Merchant Account or click New merchant account to create a new one.
  4. Under Merchant Account Details:
    1. enter a Name for the merchant account
    2. OptionTo set up the merchant account but not make it available for use, mark: Merchant account is Inactive
    3. In the Process mode dropdown, select the mode in which to use the merchant account with the selected service. You can select “Live” or “Demo”. If the selected service supports a test mode, you can also select “Test”.
    4. Enter a description to help identify the merchant account
  5. Under Gateway Account Details:
    1. Select the appropriate merchant provider in the Gateway drop down menu
    2. In the Currency drop down menu, select the currency that is currently configured with the merchant provider
    3. In the Login field, type the login ID provided by your merchant provider
    4. In the Password field, type the password provided by your merchant provider
    5. Re-enter the password under: Confirm Password
  6. If your merchant provider supports AVS or CSC, select the appropriate security levels in the AVS and CSC drop down menus
    • To perform no address verification, select “None”
    • To accept transactions only when both the street address and ZIP Code match, select Full”
    • To accept transactions when either the street address or ZIP Code match, select “Medium”
    • To accept transactions when anything other than the street address or ZIP Code do not match, select “Light”
  7. Specific credit card types can be added or removed by marking the appropriate card types for the Supported Credit Cards checkboxes.
  8. If the selected service requires additional fields, a new section named Additional Fields will display below the Supported Credit Cards section. Enter any additional information necessary to process transactions through the service.
  9. Click Save.
Review the Setting up Gateways/Processors document for additional information on specific requirements for specific gateways.

How to view or edit a Merchant Account for a form