Microsoft Azure users:
If your organization's database is located in a Microsoft Azure environment, this uses single sign-on functionality between your, RE/FE NXT web view and your RE/FE database view accounts. Because of this, it is not possible to reset the password for the Supervisor account. Instead you could take one of the following steps to gain access to this account:

Blackbaud Hosting Services users:
Any user with Supervisor rights to the application has the ability to reset the Supervisor password within the application.  See one of the following Knowledgebase Articles for steps to reset a password within the application:
If another user with Supervisor rights is not available, Blackbaud Support can assist with resetting the password as long as a Primary Contact or Site Administrator is available to authorize it.
  1. Click Chat with Support and provide this article number to the Support analyst.
    • Note: If the username for the Supervisor account has been changed from the default, please also be prepared to share this with your Support analyst.
  2. Blackbaud Support will email your organization administrator and request authorization.
  3. Once your organization's administrator authorizes the password reset via email, support will work with the server administrators to reset the Supervisor password.
  4. Blackbaud Support will then call you with a new password for the Supervisor user.
  5. Log into the application as Supervisor with the new password and change the password to something else.
Note: Blackbaud Support can only assist with resetting the Supervisor password in a Blackbaud environment. If your database does not reside in a Blackbaud environment. refer to these steps to reset the Supervisor password.