1. From Marketing and Communications, Click Appeal Mailings
  2. Click Add
  3. Under General Information
    1. Enter a unique name and description
    2. Enter the Mail Date you plan to send the mailing
    3. Search and select the appeal that the mailing supports
  4. In Processing Options
    1. Select the Address Processing option to use
    2. Select the Name format
  5. Under Household options
    1. Select whether to send only one letter to a household with multiple recipients or to send a letter to each applicable member of the household
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  6. Click Next
  7. Select whether to use a new or existing letter with the mailing
    1. To create a new letter, enter a unique name
    2. To use an existing letter, click Use Previous Letter. Search and select the letter
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  8. Under Letter Recipients choose the selections of constituents to receive the letter appear
    1. Under 'Selection of Constituents that will receive this letter' Click Add. Create a new constituents Ad-hoc query or select from an existing selection
    2. Mark if you would like to include inactive constituents
      • Note - The program automatically excludes deceased constituents from the mailing
    3. Under Exclude constituents based on the following, the default communication exclusions for your organization appear. Edit the exclusion criteria for the letter as necessary
      • Note - When you edit the exclusion criteria, you edit the exclusions for the appeal mailing letter only. For information about how to edit the communication exclusions for your organization, see Default Communication Exclusions.
  9. Under Letter Content select whether to merge the mailing's recipient information with a letter or export the recipient information as a .CSV File
    1. If you print your letters in-house, select Merge recipient information with a letter. When you select this option, Altru merges the recipients you selected for the letter with the letter content you create in the Content editor. After you run the mailing a Microsoft Word document is created that contains the letter content for each recipient that you can then print and send.
      1. If you choose this option,  in the 'How do you want to send this letter' section, select whether to send the letter through the mail, email or both.
        • Note - If you select Mail and Email, recipients receive the letter through a channel based on their communication preferences. Select the channel to use for constituents with no selected communication preference. 
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    2. If you use a mailing house for the mailing, or want to write your letters with another program, select Export a .CSV file of the recipient information. When you select this option Altru generates a .CSV Excel  file  of your recipient information that you can then use for a mail merge outside of Altru
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  10. Under 'Select recipient information to use to personalize your letter', select the merge fields and ask ladder to use with the letter
    • Note: By default, the mailing uses merge fields commonly used for appeal mailings. To view a list of the merge fields included in the export definition, click Preview. To edit the merge fields included in the export definition, click Edit. When you edit merge fields, you cannot remove a merge field from the export definition that is being used in another letter. To remove the merge field, you must first remove it from the letter in which it is used.
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  11. If you selected Merge recipient information with a letter, in the 'Write your letter’s content section' click Add. Once the letter is complete, Click Ok
  12. Click Next
  13. In the 'Summary' section, the general information and processing options entered for the mailing appear. To edit information or an option, Click Edit. 
  14. In the 'Letters' section, all letters selected for use with the mailing appear. If you added multiple letters, arrange them in the order in which to generate them for the mailing. To adjust a letter's position in the order, select it in the grid and click the up or down arrows as necessary.
  15. In the 'Results' section, select whether to create a selection of the mailing's recipients. If you select Create a Selection from results, enter a name to identify the selection and select whether to overwrite an existing selection with the same name
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  16. Click Finish and Close
  17. Click Run Mailing
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Check out this video for a start-to-finish guide on how to add and run an appeal mailing:

0:58 - Address Processing and Name Format Options
2:34 - Select constituents to include and exclude
3:08 - Create Letter and Email Content
6:43 - Download Mailing Output


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