Default Payment Terms by Invoice Type:

  • Software is billed 100% up front with due upon receipt terms
  • Maintenance is invoiced 30 days in advance of annual period start date with Net 30 terms
  • Services – Consulting and Training:
    • FP (Fixed Price) is billed 100% upon completion of the engagement/project
    • FPE (Fixed Price Engagement) is a package deal – this defaults to 100% up front, but other breakouts (ex: 50% down, 50% upon completion) could be available depending on the contract terms.
    • T&M (Time & Materials) projects are set up with service hours that are billed as they are delivered.


Consequences for Non-Payment:

  • Clients with invoices that are past due will receive calls and emails from our Customer Finance team to confirm receipt of the invoice and to facilitate timely payment.
    • Please respond with payment information or questions so disputes are resolved quickly and invoices are paid in a timely manner.
  • Clients with invoices that are 60 days past due may experience service interruption constituting non-delivery of any goods or services Blackbaud would otherwise provide, such as:
    • Delivery of additional software, training or professional services purchased through Blackbaud
    • Delivery of forms and print services purchased through Blackbaud
    • Completion of professional services projects currently in progress
    • Updates and enhancements to the existing Blackbaud software*
    • Telephone Support via our toll-free number*
    • Online support including Case Central and chat support
  • Clients with invoices that are 90 days past due are in jeopardy of contract termination and referral to third party collections.


*Blackbaud will not adjust maintenance renewal dates or renewal fees for the period that the organization is on Support Hold.