The invoice contact on your account will receive the Renewal Notification via email at least 60 days in advance of your upcoming renewal period start date. This notification includes renewal details such as Amount, upcoming Renewal Period, and the Solution(s) that will be renewing. Please note, the Renewal Notification does not include taxes.
Your Renewal Invoice will be issued via email, 30 days prior to your renewal period start date, attached as a PDF.
If you have questions about the upcoming renewal notification, contact the Renewal Representative listed on the Renewal Notification email.


Other important details about your renewal: 


Cancellation Policy:  
Any cancellation request must be received in writing 45 days prior to ​your renewal date.

Consolidate your renewals: 
If you would like to have your renewal dates aligned so that multiple products renew at the same time, you can consolidate your Blackbaud renewals to one invoice.

Renewal Notification:
Here is an example of the renewal notification.



Renewal Invoice: 
The itemized renewal invoice will be emailed to the invoice contact. The renewal invoice will contain applicable taxes.  For more information review: How do I read my Blackbaud invoice?


For all questions related to your Blackbaud Billing, please refer to our Blackbaud Finance FAQS.