Blackbaud charges an interconnect fee to clients using a third-party payment processor in their Blackbaud applications. This fee covers Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance expenses related to maintaining and enhancing our Blackbaud Payment Service™ (BBPS), the Blackbaud Vault, which securely stores your donors’ credit card data. Blackbaud Payment Service also makes it possible for your nonprofit to easily switch payment gateways and processors without an expensive, risky, and time-consuming data migration.

All organizations that have created a Blackbaud Payment Service account and use an approved third-party provider to process credit card transactions through their Blackbaud software have agreed to the Blackbaud Payment Services terms and conditions.
Blackbaud’s interconnect fee covers expenses that are beyond our control, including the rising cost of:

  • PCI Compliance

As a Level 1 PCI Service Provider and payment gateway, Blackbaud has a team dedicated to helping your organization maintain its compliance. In addition to ensuring the secure data transfer and storage of your donors’ sensitive credit card information, this team is also responsible for completing PCI audits and addressing ongoing changes in PCI standards, such as PCI DSS v3.1..
  • Data Breach Protection

Due to the growing threat of data breaches around the world, Blackbaud is making additional security investments to protect your organization and constituents.
  • Payment Gateway Maintenance and Support

Blackbaud must continue to maintain 24/7 connections to all supported gateways so that your nonprofit never misses a donation. In addition, when problems arise with your third-party payment gateway and processor, our staff is your primary contact—helping you identify the source of the issue and working with your external partners to obtain a quick resolution.

If your organization uses Blackbaud Merchant Services™  to process payments in our Blackbaud applications, you will not incur a separate interconnect fee for these transactions, as the costs are included in Blackbaud Merchant Services’ OneRATE™.