The following can result in differences between your invoice and Sales Contract:

Blackbaud is required to have a copy of the “state issued sales and use tax exemption certificate” for your organization on file to avoid charging sales tax on all or a portion of your purchase depending on state law. If Blackbaud does NOT receive a copy of your exemption certificate by the time the invoice is generated, sales tax may be included. For more information, see How do I get taxes taken off my invoice?

Pro-Rated Renewal Periods – Included under “Subscriptions” on Sales Contract
Sales Contracts reflect the cost of annual subscription periods, but if an organization currently has a renewable subscription from Blackbaud, the charges for Year One of new services may be pro-rated to coincide with your current Maintenance Renewal date.

Discounts – reflected in the adjusted price column
Normally, all negotiated discounts will be reflected in the adjusted price column of each line item of the contract. If you have questions about the discounts on the contract please contact your Account Executive. 

Credits for migrations and/or upgrades
Normally, all credits reflected on the new sales contract will be prorated from the date the contract is signed and returned. Once an invoice generates the credit reflected may be less than indicated on the sales contract. Please contact your Account Executive if you have any questions about the credit. 

T&M – Consulting hours are included in the "New Services" section of your contract. 
Consulting hours are billed 3 different ways:

  1. FP (Fixed Price) is billed 100% upon completion of the engagement/project
  2. FPE (Fixed Price Engagement) is a package deal – this defaults to 100% up front, but other breakouts (ex: 50% down, 50% upon completion) could be available depending on the contract terms.
  3. T&M (Time & Materials) projects are set up with service hours that are billed as they are delivered.