To confirm that your organization is exempt from state sales tax, please submit to Blackbaud a current copy of your State Sales Tax Exemption form*, exempting your organization from paying sales taxes on qualifying purchases. You may email attn: Customer Finance to have the exemption form reviewed for approval. 

If approved, we'll also remove sales tax from your organization’s future invoices until your exemption form expires. To remain tax-exempt in our systems, you must submit updated copies of this form to Blackbaud.

Please note that a Sales Tax Exemption form is different from a 501(c)(3) form. We cannot credit sales tax off your account with a 501(c)(3) form because it only exempts your organization from federal income taxes. Sales tax rates are based on state laws, thus we need the state tax exemption form on file.

*Note: The form may be known by different name in your state. Some states may have varying laws on nonprofit organizations’ tax-exemption status. For more information, please check with your state and contact Blackbaud’s Customer Finance team by calling 800-468-8996 (option 4, sub option 2). 

 If your organization is exempt from VAT tax, please provide your VAT number or a letter from HMRC stating you are tax exempt.  

You can request this through to our finance department at 0207 601 7100 or