A recipient can opt back in to receiving NetCommunity messages a few different ways, depending on whether they have access to a previous NetCommunity email they received, whether they have a username and password to log in to the NetCommunity site and whether or not they are linked to The Raiser's Edge.

Note: If a recipient opts outs out of a Constituent list, they will still be included in Imported List messages. If they opt out of an Imported List data type, they will still be eligible to receive Constituent data type emails. 

Access Previously Received NetCommunity Email
This can be utilized for any list type.
If the recipient can locate a previously received NetCommunity email message, they can click the Email Preferences link in the message, and then follow the prompts to opt back in.
What will users see when going to the email preferences page?

Recipient has a Username and Password to the NetCommunity website
This can be utilized for Raiser's Edge Queried Lists and Education Edge Queried Lists.
If the recipient has a username and password, they can log in to the NetCommunity website, and then visit the Email Preferences page. From here, they will be able to update their preferences.

The Raiser's Edge
This may not apply if the recipient opted out of an Imported List.
If the recipient has a record in The Raiser's Edge, and they opted out of a message using a Constituents list from a Raiser's Edge query, you can opt them back in from their record.

  1. Open The Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to Records>Constituents
  3. Open the constituent record in question
  4. On the Bio 1 tab, locate the Requests no email box
  5. Unmark the box
  6. Click Save

If none of the above options are able to be utilized to opt the user back in, and the recipient opted out of a non-Constituent type list, and Blackbaud hosts your NetCommunity database
Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to share the following information with Support:

  • An email from the recipient, indicating they want to be opted back into NetCommunity email messages. This must be emailed to support as an attachment and cannot be a forwarded message. This message will act as authorization to remove their opt out status on the database. Blackbaud cannot remove an email address's opted out status without this authorization.
  • URL to the NetCommunity site
  • Username/Password to access the NetCommunity site