In order to track this information in your database you will need to create a constituent account for United Way and an account for each donor that contributed.

When a donation comes in from United Way, you will want to look at the list that shows you each donor and their contribution. On the Journal page of the United Way account you would create each one of those donations that is on the list. As you create each donation you would soft credit the donor that contributed that donation. For example, you receive a check for $100 from United Way. That donation is actually two $50 donations made by two different people (John Smith and Sally Jo).
  1. Open your United Way constituent account
  2. Click Journal in the header
  3. Select Gift/Pledge in the Add New drop down menu
  4. Set the Date for when the donation was made
  5. Type $50 into the Received Amount field
  6. Set your Fund, Campaign, and Approach
  7. Select Check in the Gift Type field
  8. Fill in the Check Number and Check Date
  9. Click the Tribute, Soft Credit, and Matching Gift bar just down from the Gift Type section
  10. Click Select in the Soft Credit section
  11. Type in John Smith in the find account window that popped up
  12. Click Find
  13. Click John Smith in the results
  14. Type 50.00 in the Soft Credit Amount field below where you've selected John Smith
  15. Click Save And at the bottom
You would then repeat the same steps except you soft credit Sally Jo instead of John Smith the second time around.