Mobile Event Management App:
With The Raiser's Edge mobile event management app, users can access event information from their database in The Raiser's Edge on an Apple iPad.  You can check-in attendees, register new attendees, and track attendance and capacity to mange on-site events.  To use this app, you must have the optional Events module in The Raiser's Edge.  For more information about the Events module, email

Mobile App for The Raiser's Edge:
With mobile app for The Raiser's Edge, users can access information from their database in The Raiser's Edge on a supported mobile device.  You can view constituent records, queries, recent giving information, add actions and notes, navigate to constituent locations, and email ,call, or text constituents all while on the go!

Additional Information:
  • These are two separately installed apps, and work independently from one another.  Thus, the System Keys for each app should be different from one another.
  • Both apps respect the Security settings as set in The Raiser's Edge
  • Both apps use the Windows Azure Service Bus to securely pass data between your database and the applicable device

Please visit the FAQs for the event management app and mobile app for more information.  Note: FAQs are located on the last 2 pages of each guide.