Constituents can be removed and re-added by Support. To do so, please do the following:
  1. Add the desired constituents to a group. You can do this manually, create a query to identify the constituents and add the query results to a group, or add them via a custom constituent import if they are active records - import won't work with removed records. (Note that if you want to reuse these groups for future requests, you'll want one group for constituents to reinstate/reactivate and one for constituents you wish to remove.)
  2. Contact Support referencing this article and providing:
    • The group name (and group ID if possible)
    • The request (either to remove or reinstate/reactivate) for the constituents in the group
Note: The task to reinstate or remove the records is submitted by support, however, the changes will take affect shortly after midnight and will be reflected the following day. For reactivating records, please ONLY add record(s) that you want to reactivate to the group. We will not be able to reactivate partial records within a group. If the request is to remove a very large amount of constituents, Luminate Support will first need to get permission from your account manager to remove them.