In the Batch, after Automatically Generating the Transactions/Payments:

1. From the Tools menu, select Create EFT Transmission Files
2. Enter the processing date, select the sponsoring bank, and browse to name the file
3. Check the option to Print control report
4. Click Create Now to create the file

Additional Notes:
  • Only Cash gifts can be processed/charged. Gifts must have the Gift Type of Cash listed in the batch and the appropriate credit card/bank info. Any other gift type (such as, Pledge or Recurring Gift) will not be sent as part of the EFT Transmission File.
  • Commiting a batch does NOT process a direct debit or charge a credit card. Follow the numbered steps above to process a direct debit/charge a credit card.
  • Creating an EFT Transmission file will not post a gift to a constituent record. After creating and EFT Transmission file the batch must be committed to have gifts displayed on a constituent record.