To add a new Faculty member into your system:

1.) Start from your Core persona.
2.) Navigate to Users > Add New User.
3.) Fill in the User Information, and Login Information.
4.) At the bottom of User Information, select User Is: Employee.
5.) Once User Is: Employee is selected, an additional Employment Information section will appear.
  • Enter the Effective Date/Time, or select Effective Immediately.
  • Enter the Date Appointed, and select all appropriate School Levels.
  • Under Employee Roles, check all that apply.
  • Under Departments, check all that apply (including Non-Academic Departments).
  • Under Grade Levels and Main Sports, check all that apply.
6.) Click Save in the upper right corner.

This will add your new faculty member into your database.

Also see: How do I add a new user profile? and How do I re-employ a faculty member?