As advances in technology continuously drive product innovation, Blackbaud releases new products, features, and services that help nonprofit organizations achieve their missions. This means that clients can realize new value from the consistent investment and advancement of many Blackbaud solutions while Blackbaud simultaneously prepares more mature products for product end of life.

The last new full-featured release for Sphere was in early 2015 (version 9.4.6 was released in January 2015). Future Sphere releases will focus on maintenance, security, and other items necessary to ensure quality and stability of the platform. No new features will be added to Sphere.
  • Is Sphere support is ending? No, Support for Sphere has not changed. 
  • Can I still suggest new features? No, no new features will be added to Sphere.
  • Do I have to move away from Sphere to a different product?  Not at this time, although we encourage you to begin thinking about your migration so you can start leveraging the new features and innovation found throughout Blackbaud’s other online solutions. To discuss migration plans, contact your account manager, chat with sales, or call 800.443.9441.

We are excited to partner with you to ensure your organization is benefiting from the best-available online fundraising and development capabilities. In the meantime, you can also learn more from the "Consider the Possibilities" BlackbaudKnowHow blog post.