• Install the Aatrix preparer from the FundWare Aatrix page.
  • Run the Aatrix install package on the machine where you want to file your taxes. It does not necessarily have to be the same server running FundWare. Aatrix only needs to be installed on one machine.
  • Launch Aatrix and select the type of file you wish to process.
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  • If prompted for an update please select automatic update, this will update you to the latest version of the forms.
  • As you click next through each Aatrix setup screen there is a question mark in the upper right corner. Click this button for an explanation of what the options are for each screen.
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  • For W-2's and 1099's you will want to import the e-file generated in FundWare. More information is available in our 1099 Guide and W-2 Guide on the downloads page.
  • For ACA forms you will be importing the ACA spreadsheet template.
  • After completing the setup screens you will reach the Aatrix preparer window. This window allows you to verify and edit data as needed just prior to e-filing or printing forms.
  • Aatrix has created video demos of this process for ACA forms.
  • Once e-filing or printing is complete you will be able to access your Aatrix history for future reference or re-printing.