If you enter the same information in a particular field for each gift in a batch, you may want to add a default and hide the field to reduce the number of fields that appear in the Data Entry grid. For example, you enter gifts in a batch that has Include batch for bank depositing marked on the Batch Header tab. Because this checkbox is marked, when you tab through to a new gift row in the batch, Cash defaults into the Type field. You can select to hide this field because this entry is the same for all gifts entered in this batch.

To hide or show fields in Batch:

  1. On the data entry grid of a batch, select View, Hide/Show Columns.
  2. Mark or unmark the appropriate columns.
  3. Click OK.


  1. On the data entry grid of a batch, select Tools, Edit Batch Setup.
  2. On the Defaults tab, mark or unmark the Hide? checkbox for each appropriate field.
  3. Click Data Entry to return to the data entry grid.