If the credit card transaction is approved, the gateway places an authorization code beginning with 'Y' in the Authorization Code field of the gift batch. The preferred gateway verifies that sufficient funds exist in the account for transferring. If sufficient funds exist, the account is processed and a transfer of funds takes place immediately.

If the credit card transaction is rejected, the gateway sends a response of 'REJECT' in front of the authorization code. When The Raiser’s Edge receives the response, The Raiser’s Edge strips the 'REJECT' from the authorization code, converts the authorization code to text, and the text is then put into the Rejection Code field of the batch. Examples of rejection codes include the credit card not being supported by the gateway, credit card is expired, credit card is lost or stolen, invalid card status, or unable to process transaction.

Contact your preferred gateway for assistance with your specific authorization/rejection codes as these are generated by them and not The Raiser’s Edge.