1. Create a gift.
  2. In the Gift type field, select Pledge.
  3. Open the Pledge Installment Schedule screen:
    • If you're adding the gift in Records, click Schedule on the Gift tab of the gift.
    • If you're adding the gift in Batch, select Gift, Installment Information on the menu bar.
  4. Enter the appropriate frequency, the number of installments, and the starting on date.
  5. Click the Distribute button.

    Note: If selecting Irregular as the frequency, the Distribute button is grayed out. Each installment date and amount must be entered manually.

  6. Click OK to save the installment schedule.
  7. Save the gift record or commit the gift batch.

Note: To automatically open the Pledge Installment Information for [Constituent Name] screen for each pledge in Batch, select Tools, User Options from the menu bar. On the Batch tab, highlight Gift batches and mark the Automatically display installment schedule checkbox.

Automatically display installment schedule