Blackbaud NetCommunity does not authorize direct debit gifts online. Instead the form will collect the banking information, send it into the NetCommunity plugin, and then the plug-in sends the information into a gift batch within The Raiser's Edge. 

A direct debit gift is present if you are prompted to link bank information on the transaction. After opening a transaction to process, the Bank Linking appears only for direct debit gifts: 

Once the direct debit gift is in a Gift Batch, the Type of the gift (the Gift Type) determines the next steps. Locate the Type column in the Gift Batch and proceed below based on its value. (Note: If you cannot see Type, then unhide the Type field in Batch.)

Type is Cash
This is an outright gift (single gift) and needs to be processed before committing the batch. Refer to the following on how to process direct debits in Batch.

Type is Pledge or Recurring Gift
This is a record of a future commitment, so there are no funds associated or pending on this specific gift. Commit the batch to save the gift and direct debit information to the donor's constituent record. Refer to how to process direct debits in Batch to process subsequent payments to receive the payments.