Note: to process direct debits through Raiser's Edge NXT web view use How do I process credit cards and direct debits

Process ACH Payments with the EFT Module
Using The Raiser’s Edge EFT module, users can automatically generate the transmission files needed to authorize ACH payments. Follow these simple steps to create the file:
1.       From the batch, select Create EFT Transmission Files from the Tools menu.
2.       Select the new Merchant Account option.
3.       Choose your Blackbaud Merchant Services account.
4.       Click Create Now.

Create Transmission File
Blackbaud Merchant Services approves or rejects the payments in the transmission file. Any rejected ACH payments in the file will appear that way in the batch.
NOTE: Approved transactions for Direct Debit do NOT receive an Authorization Code.  The only codes returned will be if the transaction is Rejected.  

Direct debit batch transactions are sent for authorization at 12:00 AM Eastern the next day after the batch is submitted.  (Ex. Direct debit batch submitted 1/15 will get picked up 1/16 at 12:00AM Eastern.) Should you need to void/cancel a direct debit before it gets authorized a refund should be issued in the BBMS Web Portal before 12:00 AM Eastern next day. Follow How to issue a refund in Blackbaud Merchant Services for the steps in issuing a direct debit refund.
Authorize ACH Payments without the EFT Module
You can still authorize ACH payments even if you don’t have The Raiser’s Edge EFT module. To do that, you’ll need to first create the batch (be sure to include Authorization and Rejection code fields) and then:
1.       Select Authorize Direct Debit Transactions from the Tools menu.
2.       Select your Blackbaud Merchant Services account.
3.       Click Yes.

Select BBMS account
All ACH transactions are processed as part of the batch. Please note: ACH (direct debit) transactions do not receive authorization codes as credit card transactions do. To review ACH transaction status (approved or rejected) please see: How to check whether an account holder or batch was charged successfully. The funds are then disbursed with your credit card transactions. From the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal, you can review the Disbursement Report in summary or detail in Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS), which makes it easy for you to identify which ACH (and credit card) transactions are included in every bank deposit.

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