The process of adding / moving data in any batch type to records in The Raiser's Edge is called committing. (This may be incorrectly called posting, which actually refers to sending information to a General Ledger, in Raiser's Edge terms.)

Before committing, a batch should be validated to check it for any mistakes, missing information, and other things that could prevent a row from adding to The Raiser's Edge. A batch can be validated as many times as needed. Validating only checks data. It does not add, edit, delete, or otherwise alter data.

To validate a batch:
  1. If not already in a batch, open the desired batch.
  2. Click on Tools in the top menu and select Validate.
  3. Mark the desired options.
  4. Click Validate Now.
  5. Review the Validate results window:
    • If the running totals/counts and projected totals/counts do not match, review your entry. If this feature is not being used, click Modify Batch Totals to equalize these fields.
    • If there are Other Exceptions noted, click Print Exception Report in the lower left to view exceptions in detail.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Review the exceptions. If you do not see the exception in batch, be sure to check the Gift menu options for each batch row. Exceptions can occur for information entered from this menu too.
  8. Repeat steps 2 - 7 until no exceptions are found.
(NOTE: Validating helps improve batch commit success by checking for data entry issues in batch. But it's limited to just what is entered in the batch. It's still possible to validate to zero exceptions and then get a commit exception. Some exceptions don't occur until the actual commit happens where batch tries to add the data to The Raiser's Edge records. For those issues, be sure to how to see below where batch commit exception information is listed.)

Once the batch validates with no exceptions, then it's ready to commit. To commit a batch:
  1. Click on File in the top menu and select Commit Completed Batch.
  2. Review each tab of the Commit Batch screen to ensure the desired settings are marked. Some suggested settings to use are:
    • Validate batch before committing
    • Create query of committed records (to group the committed records for Mail, Reports, etc.)
    • Create a new batch of exceptions (to move records not committed to a new batch to review further)
    • Create a control report (to record the commit activity)
  3. Click Commit Now.
  4. If the Validate batch option was selected, one more validate will occur. If exceptions are found, proceed from step 5 in the validate instructions above. If no exceptions are found, click Commit Now.
  5. After the commit is complete, the following screen will appear. Review its details to ensure that exceptions are 0. (NOTE: If this number is greater than zero, that means some of the gifts did not get added to records and are still just in the batch. Click Exception Report to create a report of why the gifts did not commit before closing this screen.) Batch commit complete screen

For additional information regarding Batch entry, including committing batches, in The Raiser's Edge, refer to the Batch How-To Guide and Batch Quick Reference Guide.