For customers using regional settings outside of the United States, please have each application user complete the following steps PRIOR to launching your application icon.  These steps need to be followed on each application server that is accessed to set the Regional settings used by The Raiser's Edge, The Education Edge, Blackbaud Student Information System or The Financial Edge.

Note: It is not possible to change the time zone in regional settings, this pulls from the datacenter you are hosted out of. So if you are hosted out of Boston, for example, your time zone will reflect as eastern time regardless of where you are physically located.

Please Note if you are hosted by Blackbaud in the Azure environment, this process is a little different. Please follow the steps outlined in this article

Updating Regional Settings:
  1. Log into Blackbaud Hosting Services.
  2. While on the Application tab, select the Regional Settings Folder.
  3. On the Formats tab, set the Current Format: to your applicable regional setting  (For example: English (United Kingdom), English (Canada) or English (Australia)).**
  4. On the Location tab, set the Current Location to your applicable location  (For example: United Kingdom, Canada or Australia).
  5. On the Keyboards and Languages tab, select Change Keyboards.
  6. Verify that your keyboard language is listed under Installed Services.
    • If your keyboard language is not listed in Installed Services:
      1. Select Add.
      2. Expand the appropriate Country list.
      3. Expand Keyboard.
      4. Select the approrpiate keyboard language.  This will add your keyboard language to the Installed Services list so you can select it as the default input language.
    • If your keyboard language is listed under Installed services, ensure it is also selected as the default for the Default Input Language:
      1. Select your keyboard language from the available dropdown list.
  7. Select Apply and OK to return to the Blackbaud Hosting Services main menu.
** If you are unsure of which regional setting to select, please Contact Support and reference this article. .  Our Support team will be able to assist with this selection for The Raiser's Edge, The Education Edge or The Financial Edge.